Hello! Welcome to Babblehead's LLC Photography and Design!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn more about me and my passion.
After my son was born, I couldn't stop taking photos of him and I quickly realized that I needed a nicer camera than my iPhone. My husband bought me a Nikon for an anniversary gift and my passion for photography fueled the rest!
I have experience photographing maternity, newborn, babies, kids, families, couples, seniors and I will be shooting my first wedding in June!
In editing photos I have become very familiar with Photoshop programs and started getting into design as well. I have designed wedding invitations, birthday party invitations, Christmas cards, photo collages and several other products. If there is any type of photo or design project you would like created, please ask - I am always open to new things (and if you're the first person to inquire about that type of project, I will give you a special discount for having faith in me and giving me the experience!
Many people ask where "Babbleheads" came from - and it is really a combination of things...I started out photographing babies and before they can hold their head up, they look like little bobbleheads, but I knew "bobbleheads photography" wasn't original or creative enough, so after thinking about it for a while (and hearing my husband tell me that sometimes I babble), I decided to combine the two and we have "Babbleheads"!

Please feel free to browse my work on this website as well as my Facebook page and Etsy shop.
You can also follow me on Twitter @BabbleheadsPics.